Jumpers knee

Devon Shockwave Jumpers kneeJumpers knee (Patellar tendinopathy / patellar tendonitis) is the wearing away of the tendon that joints your kneecap and shin bone. It is the result of your patella tendon being overstressed. A common name for it is Jumper’s Knee as it is often caused during jumping sports such as basketball, netball or volleyball.


The main symptom is pain just below your kneecap. Pain is often made worse with jumping, hopping or running.

Some people also have pain in the front of their knee when they tense their thigh muscle. You usually get symptoms when you start exercising. They then settle once you’ve warmed up, only to return when you stop exercising or the next morning. If you ignore the injury and continue to exercise regularly, the pain will get gradually worse until you have it all the time.