Until recently, a course of Shockwave Therapy was an expensive treatment choice.  It was only available privately and in only a few consultant lead clinics. We want to change this!

We believe this highly effective treatment should be available to more and more people and are proud to be one of the first clinics in not only Devon, but in the UK to be able to offer this treatment at a very affordable price.
Ian Vasey.


Initial appointment (30 mins) £80
includes examination and ultrasound scan

Shockwave Treatments (15 mins) £55 per session

We currently treat patients at a fraction of the price it can be provided elsewhere in the country because we believe this treatment should be more widely available to people.

We believe that this is the future of chronic soft tissue pain treatment, and it will reduce the overuse of steroid injections into already weakened areas, saving both time to recovery and the need for complex surgery which costs the health service considerable resources.

The benefits are enormous – no surgery, no anaesthetic and no medication required, and for the people of Torbay, it is now an affordable option.